Exit the cage of
learned helplessness.


Bullying and abuse have seeped into every corner of society from our children’s playgrounds to the upper echelons of leadership. Surely there’s better way.

If we truly want to end bullying and abuse, then it’s time to take a whole new approach. The key word is whole. We have to exit our silos and implement a holistic approach if we want to end the fragmenting force of bullying and abuse.

If you’re ready to exit the cage of learned helplessness, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to unlock your potential.

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Jennifer Fraser, PhD

Best-selling author and award-winning teacher

With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Jennifer is trained to take different discourses---literature, anthropology, psychology, pedagogy, neuroscience, philosophy---and put them into dialogue. Her wide-ranging knowledge, lived experience, dedication to learning and teaching produce new insights into age-old problems. Not content to merely discuss, Jennifer’s goal is to set in motion significant change.

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“It is important for audiences of many kinds to understand that psychological trauma, the type most noticeable in bullying, produces biologically measurable damage to specific regions of the developing brain. Jennifer’s interdisciplinary study proposes to describe these in detail, targeted to a broad swath of the interested communities.”

Dr. John Medina
Neurobiologist, author of Brain Rules 2nd ed. 2014