Creative Consultancy

Motion Press has produced a trilogy of plays on youth issues.

Trilogy available through Playwrights Guild of Canada

Consulting for Film Projects

Jennifer was brought on board the team that created the “Worthless Movie”, a horror film about the impact of bullying, not just on the victims, but on the perpetrator.

She worked intensively on the script as creative consultant drawing on her writing skills, as well as research, to assist in the making of this film. Worthless has just been accepted into the Manhattan and the Philadelphia Film Festivals and Jennifer is thrilled to be flown in for the premiere.

Bring Knowledge & Expertise To Your Next Project

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"With great insight and sensitivity, Dr. Jennifer Fraser demonstrates the profound effects of trauma on the developing brain and offers real hope for healing through neuroscience."

Dr. Marcie Sirota, psychiatrist
Author and Founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute