Exiting the Bullying and Abuse Mindset: Workshops & Presentations

Mindset Lab Podcast

A podcast that dares to enter the arena of abuse in sport, with a positive emphasis on solutions, rather than blaming or shaming. Instead “Mindset Lab” examines solutions to the crisis drawing on neuroscientific research and the knowledge and experience of sports industry professionals. Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Fraser, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and best-selling author, and Ryerson Sport Media student Jamison Schulz-Franco.

How Trauma Affects the Brain, How to Heal Trauma, and an Upcoming Book - Dr. Jennifer Fraser and Tiffany Werhner on Moments of Clarity

  1. Interview with Abused Athlete on “Healing after Trauma”
  2. The Sports Psych Show - #67, Building Better Brains and Bodies
  3. Dan Cottrell's podcast episode: The Line Between Being a Bully and a Coach
  4. Article in ABC’s KATU Portland News
  5. Interview with Dr. Charles Parker on his podcast Corebrain Journal
  6. National Workplace Bullying Book 
  7. Chapter "From Reader to Writer"
  8. Interview with author, publisher, and founder of the “Your Shift Matters” series, Dana Zarcone, about my chapter that explores what it is to be an advocate
  9. Interviewed on “Sharkie’s Pep Talk” Radio Show healthylife.net
  10. Quoted in the Washington Post
  11. Podcast with John O’Sullivan of Changing the Game Project
  12. Article on changing negative coach conduct into positive
  13. Podcast with Coach Reed Maltbie
  14. Edutopia Article: “What Neuroscience Reveals About Bullying by Educators”
  15. Coaching Association of Canada, Coaches Plan Magazine, article they requested “Holding Coaches Accountable” (p. 21-22)(PDF)
  16. Lee Anne Gray’s article on Teaching Bullies for the Huffington Post
  17. National Alliance of Youth Sports interview with Greg Bach, VP of Communications: “Childhood Bullying: The Scars Remain Forever”
  18. National Alliance of Youth Sports interview with Greg Bach, VP of Communications: “Is Your Child’s Coach a Bully?”
  19. Article in the Richmond Sentinel: “Emotional Abuse Harms Brains on Court and in Class”
  20. Radio Interview with Dr. Sairah Qureshi in New York on the “Harmful Effects of Bullying”
  21. Radio Talk with Dave Briglio and Charles Bachand
  22. Featured Writer for Our Parenting Spot: “Do Teachers and Youth Sports Coaches Bully Students?”
  23. Featured Writer for Our Parenting Spot: “Why aren’t we doing more to protect Children from Bullying?”
  24. Podcast Interview for Athlete Minded: “Professor Jennifer Fraser discusses Bullying in Athletics” with Tyson Hartnett
  25. Changing the Game Project: “Is Your Kid’s Coach a Bully” John O’Sullivan speaks about Teaching Bullies.
  26. KidsintheHouse: “Rewarding Adults who Bully” (guest blog)
  27. Healing Walls: “Athletes Speak Up About Female Coaches who Bully”
  28. Lee Anne Gray for the Huffington Post: “Spectrum of Educational Trauma” She speaks about Teaching Bullies.
  29. The Edvocate: “What Should Students do when the Teacher or Coach is the Bully?”
  30. Healing Walls: “10 Signs that your Child’s Teacher or Coach may be a Bully”
  31. The Edvocate: “When Coaches are Bullies What Should students Do?”
  32. The Edvocate: “Why Don’t Kids Speak up about Bullying?”
  33. Kidsinthehouse: “Students with Learning Disabilities at risk for Teacher Bullying”
  34. Moments of Clarity Radio Show with Mental Health Counselor Tiffany Werhner, Florida, Part 1 (mp3)
  35. Moments of Clarity Radio Show with Mental Health Counselor Tiffany Werhner, Florida, Part 2 (mp3)
  36. Article in Media Vancouver24 with reporter Martin Van Den Hammel: “Pink Shirt Day just a Bandaid”
  37. Article in Toronto Star by Robert Cribb, who just won the Pulitzer Prize for his work on tax evasion, “Teachers Bullying Scarred Us, Say Student Athletes”
  38. Podcast Interview with Teacher Jen Krieger Viola: “Memoirs of Dr. Fraser – An End to Teacher Bullying”
  39. My research has been used in a North District Ohio Federal Lawsuit against Coach Doug Fry by two former players and their fathers. 
  40. Podcast with Dr. Mike Robinson in Baltimore: “What Should Students Do when Their Teacher or Coach is the Bully”
  41. Presented a paper on the “Neuroscience of Coaching” at the National Coaching Conference in Seattle, University of Washington, 2016.
  42. Blog “Recognizing the Abusive Coach as Jekyll and Hyde”
  43. KidsintheHouse Article: “Why We Must Refuse to Submit to Bullying”
  44. The American Dialogue Article: “Why Does the Law Protect Children’s Bodies but not their Minds?”
  45. KidsintheHouse Blog “Posture of the Abused Child”
  46. KidsintheHouse Blog “Are we Genetically Programmed to Bully?”
  47. Guest Post for Ginger Kaldec’s BeAKid’sHero: “Teaching Bullies”
  48. Blog “Teaching Children to say ‘NO’ to Emotional Abuse even in Sport”
  49. Presented paper at the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS) on “When Athletes Speak Up and Interrupt the Master Narrative of Sport", Santa Fe, New Mexico 2016
  50. Article for The Edvocate: “The Use of Homophobic Slurs in Sports: It’s for the Athletes’ Own Good, Right?”
  51. Special Guest on a “Bowling to End Bullying” Twitter Chat