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I'm Dr. Jennifer Fraser.
Welcome to The Bullied Brain.

We founded Motion Press to publish Teaching Bullies after our son and other students were bullied by teachers, who were then protected by a broken system that enables abuse, rather than protects victims.

We're thrilled that our newest book, The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health, will be published in April 2022.

Internationally renowned anti-bullying advocate, author and expert, Barbara Coloroso endorsed Teaching Bullies with “Fraser’s focus on coaches and teachers is a new and important contribution to the field.”


#1 Best Seller in Sport Psychology

Adult Driven Abusive Behaviors Must be Eradicated: Blame Students No More
By Rick Jetter, Ph.D.on November 28, 2016

Shifting gears from conceiving bullying as a child issue (that we must eradicate), Dr. Fraser presents a twist that is both thoughtful and poignant: Bullying stems from adults. It is modeled by adults. It is picked up by children. It is a learned behavior. This book sent a chill up my spine and placed a new call to action within my bones for anti-bullying reform and advocacy ...

Dr. Fraser presents a series of case studies considering ...
By Steven R. Shaw., PhD on August 28, 2015

Dr. Fraser presents a series of case studies considering bullying by teachers, coaches, and peers. Creating a childhood free from authority figures who are intimidating, creating trauma, and discouraging is her primary goal. She presents a compelling and readable account of exactly the type of trauma created by harsh teaching and abusive coaching tactics. I hope that her message is accepted by all ...

Kudos to Dr. Fraser
By Randy P Nathan on September 3, 2015

Bullying in Sports is real!! Kudos to Dr. Fraser for raising awareness on this very serious issue. This needs to be required reading for all athletes, parents and coaches at all levels of sports!

A great resource!
By Alicia H. Clark, PsyD on June 7, 2016

An important read on the dangers of bullying at the hands of trusted coaches and teachers, and a powerful call to action to name (and stop) it. For parents and educators alike, this book exposes a prolific culture of bullying under the guise of "old school coaching," dives into the prevalence and background of a topic we wish didn't exist, reminds us to pay closer attention to the emotional health of our children, and inspires us to act.

A book for all parents.
By Josh Chisholm on May 8, 2016

Teaching Bullies is as much a textbook look at the corruption that hides in our school systems and the lagging laws to protect students, as it is a deeply personal insight into a family's plight. The prose is both technical and painfully emotional.
We all want to believe that we are sending out kids to a safe place in our schools. Sometimes evil hides in the most inconspicuous places. Every parent needs to read this book!

"impt contribution 2 understanding roles coaches/AD's et al have 2 protect self-image of our youth."

- Joe Ehrmann
Former Baltimore Colts defensive lineman, subject of Pulitzer prize-winning biography, coach and author, referred to as “the most important coach in America.”


Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer’s first book was on the rite of passage from being a reader to a writer of culture (University Press of Florida, 2002). Her second book was on suppressing grief in childhood, only to have it resurface as either numbness or aggression (University of Toronto Press, 2011). Her third book was about the way children learn bullying from influential adults (Motion Press, 2015). She is interested in designing a world with our brain in mind.


“Since 2015, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of knowing the brilliance of Dr. Jennifer Fraser. She is courageous beyond belief, incredibly articulate, and deeply analytical. Her ability to hold the context and current events of bullying in North America is unparalleled. Moreover, her take on the causes and solutions to bullying represent the most advanced I’ve seen yet. Dr. Fraser brings the ferociousness of a mother and combines it with the critical thinking of a world-class scholar. This combination propels her passion and conclusions too.”

Dr. Lee Anne Gray

Psychologist and author of Educational Trauma 2019

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"Parents make decisions about their children’s participation in organized sport, school and church activities based on woefully inadequate information. Most of us don’t realize the well- established system we are entering into or how to navigate it. When abuse occurs, there is literally no place to turn. It is, then, incumbent upon parents to help their children heal from wounds they can’t even see. Dr. Fraser’s The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health offers us hope, support, and a pathway."

Kim Shore
Former Elite gymnast
NSO board member turned Athlete Advocate